We provide professional CNC services in the field of machining and metal forming. 



Thanks to our experienced and qualified staff, as well as a modern machine park, we offer services at the highest level in the field of turning, milling, cutting and welding of steels and other metals.

CNC technologies are increasingly used in many different industries. Thanks to high precision, they allow to create a product that is almost perfectly reproducible and perfectly compatible with the design assumptions.

Our company is the continuous development and expansion of the machine park. This allows us to execute orders on time, precisely and in a wide range. We employ experienced operators and technicians. Machining and cutting is not a problem for us.

About Us

The company Vimet is not only over twenty years of experience in the provision of CNC machining services for metals and plastics, but also modern equipment and qualified staff.

Vimet has been offering you professional CNC services since 1997. A qualified team of specialists in this field and a modern machine park allow us for high quality work and speed in order fulfillment.

Thanks to our experience, you have the guarantee that the elements manufactured by us will meet the highest quality standards.

We work on both metals and plastics.

The services we provide include:

  • turning
  • milling
  • including profiles up to 12 m
  • spinning
  • grinding
  • punching sheet metal up to 6mm thick (aluminum)
  • water and laser cutting
  • welding including stainless steel and aluminum
  • sheet metal bending (bending length 3 m, thickness up to 9 mm)
  • powder painting

Only the best devices

Bending sheet metal (press brakes from 15t to 160t):

  • Truma Bend v50
  • Truma Bend v85s
  • Truma Bend v130
  • Trubend 7036
  • Trubend 3100


Sheet metal cutting and punching:

  • Tru Punch 1000
  • Trumatic 2000r
  • Trumatic 200
  • TruLaser 3030


Milling (with a working surface of 2m x 1.5m):

  • UMC 750
  • VF 2SS
  • plotery frezujące

Years of activity

Completed projects